Let’s start with Mom and Dad. My parents are both artists. Both have worked as graphic designers and copywriters, but I tend to think more of my father’s paintings and my mother’s story telling as the biggest influences on my own creative life. I figure that’s why I chose a degree in the arts over becoming a doctor.

At my core, I’m a happy nerd with an obsession for learning new things. I’m a home brewer, occasional cheese maker, compulsive researcher, and electronics repair enthusiast, among other things. You know that little voice inside that’s constantly asking “I wonder how that works?” Well mine is very persistent.

Which brings us to how I make my living. My first creative job after college was editing photos as a paid intern. I started every day with a stack of images that needed work. If I had time left, the Creative Director would draft me to help out with other projects. I worked on catalogs, banners, websites, you name it.

The way I see it, you can’t separate one field of creative marketing from another. Catalogs laid out without a strong digital influence lose dynamic structure, and website uninfluenced by print media looks cold. Still photography needs a narrative and video needs solid composition. Even when I specialize, my work always improves when I challenge myself with something new.

And that’s pretty much how it’s always been for me. I get hired for one specialization, then my employer finds out I know how to do something else they need and it explodes from there.